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When To Book
Congratulations on your newest addition! Preferably, Your little one should be 12 days old or less at the time of photoshoot for those sweet curled up sleepy poses. It is advised to book early to reserve your due date time frame to ensure space is available.  Please contact Kapture This Photography once your baby is born to finalize the time and date of your session.

....OOPS! Forget to book and your baby is older than 12 days?  That's ok too! That just means your little one might be more alert in the photos and will likely be wrapped/swaddled for more of the time. 


Before The Shoot

  • Dress baby in a diaper and zip up/ button up sleeper ONLY (nothing that goes over the head or will leave marks on baby's  skin)

  • Please remember to bring a pacifier

  • If baby uses a bottle, please have a couple on hand incase we need to do a mid session feeding

  • Please keep baby awake for as long as possible before your arrival. The longer the better.  If you are travelling to the studio with another person, have one person sit in the back seat to help keep baby awake for the drive over. 

What To Expect Upon Arrival

  • Once you arrive and get yourself comfortable, you may then feed baby. A milk drunk baby makes for a sleepy and content one.

  • I may occasionally ask for your assistance in times when an extra set of hands are required for safety purposes during certain poses with props.

  • There will be a comfy sitting area in the studio where you can kick back and relax and watch TV while I work my magic with your little one. 

  • You can expect to be in studio anywhere from 2-3 hours​ depending on how many milk breaks and/or changings are needed etc. 

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