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Professional baby photography is a specialist service.

There is a lot of skill required, and those skills are developed over time.

So, while you can find cheap baby photographers, they will likely be cheap for a reason.

Choosing a photographer with limited experience of handling and photographing babies could lead 

to you not getting the kind of images you want. And if they aren't safety trained, this could even mean that 

you are putting your baby into the hands of someone who doesn't know how to handle newborn babies safely

Baby is never placed/posed in unsafe positions/props

Often times, composite editing is used to create some of your beautiful images instead.

Like baby on a bookshelf, or hanging inside of a giant dreamcatcher.

Your baby's safety is always of the utmost importance at all times. 

Having spent many years and thousands in specialized training, rest assured,

that here at Kapture This Photography, your little

one is in the safest of hands.

Newborn Packages Starting  From 


(Ask about  our hassle free payment plan options!)

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