Q: Is your studio wheelchair accessible?

A: There is only a short step up into our studio. We will be more than happy to assist you!

Q: Have you shot a lot of weddings?
A: I, along with my 2nd shooter, have photographed quite a number of engagements, weddings and elopements! Each one has been unique and magical in their own ways and we always do our best to Kapture the most magical of moments on your special day!
Q:What Should I Do To Prepare  for a newborn session?
A: There are a few key things you can do before your arrival, to help make the session run as smoothly as possible...
  • The newborn session should be held before the baby is 12 days old (best is 4-7 days old)

  • Schedule your session by your 2nd trimester for 5 to 7 days after your due date

  • About 30 minutes before the session, please loosen up your baby’s diaper. This allows the little imprint marks time to disappear. Your baby will be naked in some of the shots, so we want the red marks to go away. 

  • Because we want the baby sleepy for the session. We recommend that you try to keep your baby awake for a while before the session. Trust us, it will be worth it! 

  • We love “milk drunk” babies! Please feed and burp the baby right before the session to ensure baby is happy and sleepy. We may ask you to nurse (or feed) the baby during our session if they start to get cranky. 

  • Relax! We are comfortable working with newborns. The baby may get fussy, but we will get great shots; sometimes it just takes time to calm down the little bundle of joy. We let the baby take the lead. Sometimes the baby will need to eat, get a new diaper and just need to cuddle with mama. Babies know when the parents are stressed, so keeping the environment mellow and calm helps to keep the baby calm. 

  • Safety Dance! Your baby is in safe hands. If there is ever a point during the session where you become uncomfortable, please let us know. We will not put the baby in unsafe positions, even if the parent wants to get a specific pose! If we feel it is unsafe, we will not proceed. The baby’s safety comes first. 

  • Please Book your maternity session for a date when you will be 30 weeks pregnant. 

Q: Do you know a lot of different locations for photos?
A: Niagara has a vast amount of beautiful locations for photos no matter what time of the year! We are truly lucky to live in such a picturesque region of Ontario! If you are having trouble deciding on a location yourself, we will be more than happy to provide you with a number of suitable suggestions!
Q: Do You Have Any Type Of Referral Program?
A: We sure do! Just go to the Referral Page in the navigation bar to check it out! 
Q: What Payment methods do you accept?

A: We are more than happy to accept payments via cash or E transfer! Also, when booking your session, we do require a small retainer fee to make the booking, which we deduct from the total amount on photo day

Q: Can I order print enlargements through you?

A: Of course you can! You can order anything from wallet size prints all the way up to 20x30 prints! You can also order wrapped canvas prints from  sizes 11x14 to 20x30!!!

Q: Can 1 or 2 of my pets join in for photos?

A: We LOVE animals of all types and sizes! Just let us know beforehand what type of pet(s) will be joining you!